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More than 70% of the meanings around topics, ideas and trends are implied. 

We are a team of cultural anthropologists. Our technology helps you study the meaning behind everything. While everyone else is obsessed with what people are talking about, we're obsessed with what they mean. It's why our work has driven more than 5 Billion Dollars in new revenue for our clients. Connect with us if you're interested in learning more about why meaning matters for your business and how anthropology can transfer your insights work.

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How and why language allows us to decode meaning and predict the future of trends
In his interview with Ad Age Journalist, Adrianne Pasquarelli, Ujwal talks about the study of meaning and why it allows us to predict trends with uncanny accuracy even in the midst of a pandemic.
Image by Sara Kurfeß
How companies use MotivBase
Three common ways organizations leverage our capabilities to drive anthropological thinking through the organization in an agile and scalable manner.
Why are immune support supplements dropping in sales?
How MotivBase allows us to identify and quantify the underlying meanings shaping consumer expectations around immune health.
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