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MotivBase: Signals

We’ve created the world's only AI Anthropologist that can go beyond the obvious and explore the broader contextual boundary around a topic, trend, or idea. The result is the detection of early signals of opportunities and threats that no one else can identify or contextualize. 

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Signals uses MotivBase's Contextual Intelligence algorithm to spread the net wider and study the broader context of discussions consumers have around a topic or issue. This allows Signals to pinpoint those signals that are entering newly into the contextual boundary around a topic, and track its ongoing growth in relevance. This is what separates Signals from any other type of social media tracker. Signals is built to not just capture the dominant (often obvious) signals, but identify those that are not-so-obvious yet contextually relevant.
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We never just hand you our technology. We support you to drive agile research transformation within your organization.
Every license comes with PhD support. The degree of which depends on the tier.
Image by Tim Marshall
Access and training
We give you access to our technology and train you to get quick answers in short sprints of 15 minutes. 
Number of users depend on tiers of license and service.
Support from our PhDs
When you're looking to solve big and complex problems, our team of PhD anthropologists support you by helping you identify early signals move relevant to your business. 
How companies use MotivBase Signals
Culture is created when new knowledge and new sets of meanings develop around existing topics and ideas. These new topics of knowledge develop indirectly first, in the outer edges of the contextual boundary. By the time they become directly linked to the root topic, the culture is fully formed. Which means if you're just studying direct meanings and relationships with social media trackers, you're uncovering ideas that are already well formed in culture. Meaning you're too late to the game. Signals helps organizations solve this problem and implement a more forward looking strategy.
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