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MotivBase: Trends

We’ve created the world's only AI Anthropologist that can identify and quantify trends, ideas and issues in seconds. Furthermore, it can enable the agile discovery of consumer-led demand spaces and the prioritization of opportunities based on market maturity and growth. 

Study the language of meaning
Quantify the value of trends

Every day, consumers leave billions of clues online about how you can future proof your business. We’ve created an AI Anthropologist that can perform a big data ethnographic analysis on consumer conversations online, on any topic or trend.

To do this, we built an AI platform that uses Cultural Context Graphing technology. It's a mouthful, we know. What is that you ask? It is the culmination of decades of social science theory married with the latest in NLP technology. And it allows our machine to perform a full, contextual analysis of millions of consumer conversations. 


This is what allows MotivBase to perform an authentic, observational, big data ethnographic analysis of a culture in seconds.  It allows you to search for insight on demand. Or have our team deliver in-depth ethnographic research in 5 day sprints.

Access and training
We give you access to our technology and train you to get quick answers in short sprints of 15 minutes. 
Number of users depend on tiers of license and service.
Support from our PhDs
When you're looking to solve big and complex problems, our team of PhD anthropologists support you by delivering detailed ethnographic reports in 5 day sprints.
Image by Sara Kurfeß
How companies use MotivBase Trends
Trends helps organizations solve a variety of innovation problems because it enables the consumer-led discovery of demand spaces in the context of any topic, issue, or trend. It allows us to quantify these demand spaces, decode the underlying motivational DNA, and even predict volatility and growth. 
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