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Report: Integrity in personal care

What drives believability and the feeling of value and efficacy in personal care?

It's all about integrity.

Integrity has emerged as one of the single most important factors helping consumers in their decision making process. [We discovered integrity and its importance to personal care through our Signals platform where we track the development of early signals of opportunities and threats in the context of various industries and categories.]

In this 12 minute video (with 6 additional minutes of Q&A), we provide a summary of a detailed ethnographic analysis of integrity in the context of personal care. The analysis was conducted by our PhD Concierge over the course of one business week, using our AI Anthropology engine, MotivBase Trends.

The analysis answers the following key questions -

  1. What does integrity/believability mean to consumers in the context of personal care?

  2. What are consumers' motivations, attitudes, values, and fears in the culture of personal care products and integrity/believability?

  3. What are the opportunities in this culture?

You can watch the video below and also explore the full report by subscribing to our blog.

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