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Job alert: Digital Architect (Canada)

We are looking for a digital architect in Canada to join our growing research technology company. At MotivBase, our specialty is market research; specifically, in a niche that informs the front-end of innovation. By 'front-end' we're not talking about single-page-apps. Rather the big strategic moves that our clients make in order to compete in their industries. When decisions are informed by our research, with our home-grown methodologies and technologies, good things happen. We are now in our 6th year of operation. Our business is growing faster than ever, and we need a hardened professional to take ownership of some of our strategic moves.

In the role, you will work with our founders to build an information system that will solve a well-understood problem. It is a greenfield project and an opportunity for us to create new technology. It is also an opportunity to expand the reach of our existing IP. The architect will own all stages of development, in the code and out, and be granted the necessary resources to see the project to completion and beyond. As the project unfolds and the architect becomes familiar with all the systems we've built, we expect new ideas and thought leadership where it's needed. From day one, you'll be part of a daily scrum with a good group of people that will make sure you're 'getting it' and getting what you need.

We expect the candidate to be strong in several of the following areas. Where strength is lacking, there is an ability to learn quickly by doing:

  • Microsoft Web Tech (MVC, ASP.Net, IIS)

  • API Development: implement new features, instrument, and automate quality control. (C#, Web tech)

  • Natural Language Processing: can represent qualitative data quantitatively and create data visualizations (Python, Spacy, word vectors)

  • Content Management Systems: building tools for non-technical users (Umbraco)

  • Front-End Development: (Angular, SPAs, Highcharts)

  • Cloud and Dev Ops: provision infrastructure, deploy and monitor systems, improve development process. (VSTS, Azure, Git)

  • Machine Learning: you know when to use ML and can set realistic expectations. (Azure ML, Tensorflow, Others)

  • 2D Graphics: can implement visualizations that run in a browser( SVG, <canvas>).

  • Big Data ETL: transform data on a schedule and process streams of user generated content. (Azure Data Lake Analytics, Powershell, USQL)

  • Resource Management: you could hire, onboard and manage contractors to implement your design. (TopTal, Upwork)

  • Product Management: agile by nature, not agile by choice. (Basecamp)

  • Information Security: once you understand our system, you could answer an industry standard info-sec questionnaire (Auth0, PII, SSL)

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