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Hiring: Researchers with proficiency in Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese (Advanced Degrees preferred)

This is your opportunity to join a company that is at the cutting edge of cultural anthropology, big data, and AI. We are pioneers in the field of technology-enabled ethnography at big data scale. We call it, big data ethnography and it powers front-end innovation across the Fortune 1000. We are currently hiring researchers with proficiency in Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese to support our growing client base.

A typical day in this role would involve studying the culture of anything and everything — from plant-based proteins and sustainable packaging in food, to the future of women’s sexual health (and its impact on the consumer packaged goods industry). Our clients make investments to future-proof their business using the results of our research.

General Responsibilities will include:

  1. Mastering and becoming a champion of the MotivBase platform and methodology.

  2. Working with other researchers to deliver completed analyses and reports using MotivBase, including accurate reporting and analysis of Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese data.

  3. Over time, this role may be client-facing. That is, if you have the aptitude for it, you could be presenting research (typically over video conference) and interfacing with the client through the process — from project briefing through to delivery.

You’re the right candidate if:

  1. You’re a quick study and feel comfortable with well established concepts in the field of cultural anthropology.

  2. You’re a good writer.

  3. You are comfortable reading and analyzing qualitative data.

  4. You have an eye for detail and can be obsessive about quality control.

  5. You’re comfortable with technology — apps for presentations, document creation, conference calls etc.

  6. You like to work fast, efficiently, and in an environment that is high energy, but also can be high pressure.

  7. You keep up to date on developments in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, and consumer culture in general.

Graduates or candidates for advanced degrees (PhD, MA) in fields such as anthropology, political science, sociology, or history are preferred. Ph.D. dropouts are welcome. Even encouraged.

To apply, please email ujwal (at) motivbase (dot) com.


If you'd like to learn more about what we do, check out this YouTube playlist.

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